Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


All Rules and Repertoire Requirements MUST be followed; no exception is allowed. Contestants who fail to comply with any of these rules below will be disqualified from the competition.

  1. The Bangkok Young Pianists’ Concerto Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities.

  2. The contestant must be non-professional, not playing for fees or signed to an agent or management.

  3. The Bangkok Young Pianists’ Concerto Competition is divided into two groups:

    • Junior category (12 years or younger) is open to any pianists who have not reached their 13th birthday as of March 01, 2018. Date of birth must be on 2 March 2005 or later.

    • Senior category (15 years or younger) is open to any pianists who have not reached their 16th birthday as of March 01, 2018. Date of birth must be on 2 March 2002 or later.

  4.  All required documents and video recordings for participation must be submitted online and received by the Competition Committee no later than 30 April 2018.​

  5. The maximum number of participants can be limited by the organization on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  6. For the preliminary round, the application fee of 30 USD is non-refundable and must be transferred within the deadline on 30 April 2018. For the semi-final round, the application fee of 100 USD is non-refundable and must be transferred within the deadline on 31 May 2018.

  7. Each participant is responsible for all costs that may be incurred by participation in the Bangkok Young Pianists’ Concerto Competition.

  8. The Semi-final, Rehearsal, and Final Rounds will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. Semi-finalists and finalists who do not reside in Thailand are responsible for their own accommodations.

  9. All works must be performed from memory, except in the Rehearsal Round. The use of sheet music or music books is not allowed in all stages of the competition, except in the Rehearsal Round.

  10. In the Semi-final Round all contestants are encouraged to bring their own piano accompanists. If a contestant is unable to bring his/her accompanist, the Competition will provide an accompanist for him/her with extra fees. The contestant who needs an accompanist for the Semi-final Round is to inform the Competition via email by 30 June 2018.

  11. The contestant must clearly indicate his/her private piano teacher(s) for the past 5 years of the competition date. If any of these teachers is a member of the Adjudicating Panel, the participant will not receive grading from him/her/them. Any member of the Adjudicating Panel may self-elect himself/herself away from grading a specific participant(s) if he/she feels the personal or professional connection may interfere with the judging.

  12. These guidelines (roughly based on marking criteria by the Trinity College London) will be implemented in judging the Bangkok Young Pianists’ Concerto Competition:

    • Notational Accuracy and Fluency, including

      • Accuracy in notes and musical detail

      • Tempo control

      • Articulations

      • Security in memorization

      • Fluency

    • Technical Facility, including

      • Pedal control

      • Dynamics projection

      • Tone colors

      • Shaping and sense of direction in musical phrasing

      • Melodic presentation

      • Textual balance

    • Communication and Interpretation, including

      • Understanding of musical structure

      • Understanding of harmonic language

      • Individuality in interpretation

      • Overall musical expression

      • Genuine joy of music making

    • Collaborative skills, including performance and behavior in the Rehearsal Round

    • Presentation skills and stagecraft

  13. All prize winners are to be present at the distribution of prizes. Should a prize winner not appear, he/she can lose the claim to prizes; on such matters the Competition Committee shall decide.

  14. According to Thai legislation, all cash prizes are susceptible to subject to 5% withholding tax.

  15. For as long as pianists take part in the Competition they, their parents, and/or their teachers shall not be permitted to have contact with, or speak with members of the Adjudicating Panel.

  16. No appeal shall be possible against decisions by the Adjudicating Panel and the Competition Committee.

  17. The public is not allowed to record the competition unless they have signed a recording permit. The recordings will be for personal and private use only. The recordings can be made public only if a waiver or a released is signed by all of the individuals that appear in the recording.

  18. The Competition has the exclusive rights to reproduce any parts or of the whole presentation of the Competition in any format for publication purpose.

  19. The contestants receive no payment for possible TV or radio transmissions.

  20. By electronically signing the application form the participants declare that they approve the terms and conditions mentioned in the regulations.

  21. All organizational decisions concerning the Competition remain the responsibility of the Competition Committee. The Committee reserves the right to make all final decisions in the event of any misunderstanding.


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